Anaïs Art Shoppe Gallery


                     Anaïs Art Shoppe Original Landscape Painting Going Up The Path by Anaïs Kreklewich, Mixed Media Painting Artwork on Canvas 

                         The Waterfalls Original Mixed Media Landscape Painting by Anaïs Kreklewich, Anaïs Art Shoppe, Anais Art Shoppe, Metal Acrylic Artwork   

 Sea Ocean Waves Coastal Rocks and Waves Original Landscape Painting, Anaïs Art Shoppe Fall Autumn Forest Scene River Waterfalls Evergreen Trees Orange Fall Colours Foliage Leaves Landscape Painting Anais Art Shoppe Sunset coastal rocks water waves clouds original landscape painting by Anais Kreklewich, Anais Art Shoppe   

Canadian Winter Painting Trees Blue Sky Fresh Pristine Snow in Ravine Landscape Painting Anais Art Shoppe Winter by the lake painting evergreen tree mountain with blue sky, clouds, snow, water, lake and pristine snow scenery landscape painting Anais Art Shoppe    






Orginal landscape painting, Laguna Colorada, Bolivia, Acrylic abstract painting by artist Anais Kreklewich, from Anais Art Shoppe, Painting of rocks, mountains, red lake and blue sky   


                         Water Everlasting - Original Abstract Landscape Painting by Artist Anais Kreklewich, Anais Art Shoppe, Fine Art



                                                                                                                                               Anais Art Shoppe abstract mixed media landscape painting by Anais Kreklewich

Some of the paintings in this Gallery are available for purchase! Please inquire if you are interested in any of the paintings in this collection or if you are interested in commissioning a painting. 

Thank you for visiting! 



IB Art Show Vernissage artist Anais Kreklewich, titled Manufactured Nature, original paintings, original artwork. landscape painting, mixed media, nature paintings