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Welcome to Anaïs Art Shoppe! I am Anaïs Kreklewich, the artist, designer and owner of Anaïs Art Shoppe. Thanks for visiting my store, please visit my Gallery to see some of my paintings and artwork. We are in the process of updating our website, the checkout option is unavailable. Please Contact Us to purchase or commission any paintings or artwork.

Some of my paintings. original art prints and artwork are also available in Anaïs Art Shoppe on Etsy.

I love art and creating art! In Anaïs Art Shoppe, you will find a collection of original paintings and objets d'art created and handcrafted by me. Landscape painting is my primary passion, I also love to create all kinds of art and try new things, including all forms of art. My favourites include painting, mixed media, drawing and sculpture. I get my inspiration from places I visit, pictures, novels and my own family, always suggesting new things I should try or something they want me to make for them.

The art goes on! Never stop creating!

Anaïs Kreklewich

Charity Donations:
With the sale of each item, a donation will be made to "Habitat for Humanity", a humanitarian organization with a mission “to mobilize volunteers and community partners in building affordable housing and promoting homeownership as a means to breaking the cycle of poverty.” 

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Anaïs Art Shoppe

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If you love artisan jewelry and artwork, paintings, new and vintage objets d'art, gifts and home decor, unique and custom chakra healing gemstone jewelry, please visit my mother's store:

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