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Mountain Path - Original Landscape Painting on Canvas (18" x 36" x 1")

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The Mountain Path - Inspired by traditional Japanese art, this zen landscape painting captures the wonder of nature, instills openness and serenity.

I created this painting during a rather stressful exam period in university. It focuses on the path and the travel towards our goals. The colour palette and the use of diluted acrylic adds a sense of serenity to the piece, reminding you that while the path may seem daunting, it is important to take a deep breath, find a sense of calm, and climb the steps one at a time. The mountains are distant but visible, and the path taken is flush with greenery and the pink and purple accents of abstract flowers. This painting reminds me to take a step back and admire where you are in the present, rather than race at full speed into the future or onto the next step. Those mountains in the distance provide a beautiful aspiration, so long as it serves to inspire and not to generate stress or hardship.

This painting was created following a series of mixed media experiments involving pencil, ink and acrylic. The mountains and path were drawn in full onto a blank canvas, and ink and diluted acrylic paint was then added overtop. The ink was dripped and blended straight on the canvas, and layered progressively to darken different sections and create the shadows while simultaneously evoking the ethereal and calming Japanese watercolour style. 

The intricate detail of the rocks and the mountains was drawn using lead pencils from HB to 4B, giving them depth and subtle shading where the light reflects off their surface. Watered down acrylics were then dripped, blended and painted overtop of the lead drawing, using a technique that wets the canvas first in the area where colour is needed, which prevents it from slipping into other areas. Much of the highlights use the natural base colour of the canvas, with subtle hints of blue and purple reflecting the sky, similar to the subtle patches of pink and purple in the grass. 

Landscape Painting  - Acrylic on Canvas

Artist : Anaïs Kreklewich

Dimensions - 18” x 36" x 1"

This is an original painting. It is a One-Of-A-Kind piece. This is the only one available. Please note the writings/watermarks seen in the photo will not be on the painting.

Conditions of sale:
The artist, Anaïs Kreklewich, retains ownership of all copyright to the painting, including the right to reproduce or licence digital images of the original painting for commercial purposes.

Charity Donations:
With the sale of this painting, $50 will be donated to "Habitat for Humanity".

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