Koi Fish Art Note Card, Greeting Card, Koi Invitation Card, Thank you card, All purpose Koi Fish Card, Koi Fish in Japanese Tea Garden, San Francisco
All purpose Koi Fish note card, gift card, invitation card, thank you card for birthdays and weddings
Koi Fish Art Cards - All Purpose Cards
Koi Fish Art Cards - All Purpose Cards
Koi Fish Art Cards - All Purpose Cards
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Koi Fish Art Cards - All Purpose Cards

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Set of four note cards with a beautiful reproduction of an original painting of a Koi fish swimming up stream. This Koi fish lives in the serene, zen ponds of the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco. We were captivated by its beauty and movement as it swam towards us during our visit there one summer!

Koi fish is a beautiful fish that symbolizes friendship, loyalty, love and fortune in the Japanese culture. In the Chinese culture, it is an auspicious symbol of prosperity, good fortune, spiritual and material advancement, energy, abundance, love and loyalty. Koi fish or paintings of Koi in homes are said to attract prosperity and abundance. In Buddhism, Koi is also a symbol of courage.  

You will receive a set of four note cards (4 x 5.5 inches) with four white envelopes. These note cards (4" x 5.5") are inspirational, unique and perfect for any occasions, birthdays, weddings, gifts, notes, thank you cards ..., they can also be framed or displayed.

Conditions of sale: The artist retains ownership of all copyright to the original painting and image, including the right to reproduce or licence digital images of the original painting and image for commercial purposes. The original painting is sold, it is no longer available for purchase.

Charity Donations: With the sale of this set of cards, $1 will be donated to "Habitat for Humanity".

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